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 “We LOVE this survey. We contribute to it, absorb the results –
and incorporate it in our annual internal valuation”

— The CFO of a 400 person MEP Firm

A/E Business Valuation and M&A Transaction Study – 7th Edition (1/31/2020)

This study examines data from over 261 distinct stock transactions collected via a confidential online survey. All data is analyzed and compiled by Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners’ team of accredited business appraisers — individuals with decades of experience valuing privately held A/E firms. The result is the most comprehensive and reliable study of business valuations and mergers & acquisitions ever published for the A/E and environmental consulting industries.

Among other information, the study provides statistical data on ten separate valuation ratios or “multiples” representing both minority and controlling interests in privately held firms, as well as minority interests in publicly traded companies and minority interests in Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) sponsoring companies. Statistical analysis will be presented on a median, mean, trimmed mean, upper quartile and lower quartile basis, and broken down by specific firm type. The study also provides insight into how mergers and acquisitions are being conducted in the industry, as well as 19 different financial benchmarking metrics.

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A/E Ownership Transition Study  

aeOTstudycover2The A/E Ownership Transition Study is a comprehensive analysis of how firms in the A/E and environmental consulting industry manage ownership transition. The study illustrates the various ways ownership is structured and governed in the industry, and how firm leaders plan for and execute the transition of ownership interests. The study is intended to serve as a guide for firm owners and managers as they establish or reevaluate their ownership transition plans. Topic covered include:
– Number of shareholders and distribution of ownership
– Criteria for becoming an owner
– Frequency and method of stock valuation
– Financing terms for stock redemptions and purchases
– Common shareholder’s agreement terms
– Boards of Directors and corporate governance practices; and more…

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Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study  

deltek-clarity-thumbThe Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study is officially open! For 40 years, Deltek has surveyed leaders in the architecture & engineering industry to identify the key issues impacting the market, highlight bright spots, and forecast future trends. Take the survey now to shape the 41st annual report!

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