For owners of small to mid-size architecture, engineering and environmental consulting firms, the financial leadership of the firm can be a daunting task.  Very often, the owner is called upon to solve complex problems and tackle issues in areas that require the experience, expertise and advice of a seasoned senior financial executive.  For most firms, though, hiring such an executive with a six-figure salary isn’t in the budget.  Yet, having this skill set available can be critical to the long-term profitability and success of the firm.

At Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners, we understand this challenge and, most importantly, we understand that giving sound advice is not enough.  That’s why we work with you, your staff, and your current team of advisors to make sure that our advice is implemented.  Best of all, we tailor our engagement to your specific needs and budget.

Depending on your needs, areas in which we can provide guidance include:

Profit Enhancement

Implementing cost controls
Cash, AP and AR management

Accurate Financial Reporting

Financial report design
Establishing policies, procedures and processes
Mentoring, coaching and training the accounting staff
Establishing KPI’s/metrics
Creating a system of internal controls

Financial Analysis

Trend Analysis
Financial Modeling


Sale Preparation
Business Models
Incentive Compensation Plans
Board of Directors Guidance
Corporate Governance
Due Diligence

Special Projects

Integration Consulting
International Expansion
Start Up/Wind Up

When you engage Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners, you are working with a team of advisors that have years of experience helping design firms solve the most challenging of financial issues.  We do not replace your tax advisor, attorney or accountant. Instead, we offer industry specific perspective and solutions that compliment  the services that your existing team of advisors provides. We look forward to being part of your financial success.