ESOP Services

Whether you already have an ESOP, or are exploring one, we can help. Our consulting team has extensive experience performing ESOP appraisals and helping firms to objectively assess whether an ESOP is an appropriate and feasible ownership solution for them.

Employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs, are becoming increasingly popular as an ownership model in the architecture, engineering and environmental consulting industries due to their tax advantages and their value as an employee benefit.

Due to the strict oversight of qualified benefits plans such as ESOPs by the IRS and Department of Labor, ESOP valuation must be performed by qualified and independent appraisers. Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners is one of only a small number of firms that is both sufficiently qualified to provide ESOP valuation services, and exclusively focused on the architectural, engineering, and environmental consulting industries.

Our ESOP services include:

  • Initial ESOP feasibility analysis and implementation services
  • Annual ESOP valuation services
  • Peer review studies
  • ESOP termination services
  • Repurchase obligation studies

Not all companies are suited for an ESOP. If you are interested in investigating whether an ESOP is appropriate for your firm, we can help you with an objective assessment. If you already sponsor an ESOP, we stand ready to assist with our suite of ESOP services.